The changing face of policing…

It is clear that the police service has to stay current; modern, with traditional values I would call it. With the change in century, so do crimes, and with it, the police service, its people and the way it functions. Traditionally, policing ran through families and remained that way, but in this day and age, […]

BME’s within the Police Service

On 21 October 2015, at the National Black Police Association conference, Home Secretary, Theresa May condemned the lack of black officers within the police service across England & Wales. Will the public really not have confidence in the police if there are not enough Black and Asian officers? So what Mrs May is trying to […]

Remembering the Fallen

As the saying goes, the thin blue line continues to get thinner. On such a sensitive occasion, fallen officers are remembered for the sacrifices they have made during the annual National Police Memorial Day. Police Officers say they goodbye’s to their partners, kiss their children on their foreheads and say ‘see you later’ to their […]

The little orange button

The little orange which can do a lot. Every police officer has one. It is the same orange button which no one wants to hear. It is like time freezes for the next 10 seconds after it has been activated, everyone stops what they are doing and await a location, officers rush out in their […]

Recognition and Reward

Police Officers don’t join the job to get recognition and reward. Police Officers do what they do because they want to do good (a majority of them anyway). They don’t do they job they do because they earn good money, or a great pension anymore. They risk their lives on duty to keep others safe […]

Assault Police

I came across a video on social media recently where an officer in the course of conducting his duties is assaulted by a person who observes the officer arresting a male. The original male makes a getaway whilst the second male who assaults the police officer for no apparent reason (other then to allow the […]

You’re never off duty

I was reflecting over a recent incident which I dealt with off duty. But then another sprung to mind. I have been involved with a series of incidents off duty, I don’t know whether it is just sheer luck, whether I am at the right (or wrong) place at the right time or whether I […]

The start of the beginning…

As the thin blue line gets thinner, I join a police service at a time of austerity set with cut-backs and difficult times ahead. I, like others around me have a lot to say about how the cuts are affecting policing in England and Wales as well as other public sector jobs. However, we must […]