Support from the Police family

Being human is easy, being a Police Officer is not.

Officers are spat at, punched, driven at and faced with controversial decisions. Officers deal with those at their lowest, but very rarely those at their happiest of times.

Sometimes, officers themselves go through tough time. Mental health, physical injuries – that be off duty or God forbid on duty, ailments and other times when they just need support, someone to talk to or someone to listen. The question is, how many of us ask for this kind of help?

There is support out there, help is just around the corner. We are a united family, a strong, powerful entity. We have the support of not only each other, but our personal friends and family too… These are the supports of the thin blue line. Those very same people who we want to keep go home to after each shift.

Having recently encountered a medical issue, I noticed first hand how quickly support is available, whether that be colleagues, friends, family or even supervision. The duty which is carried out by officers is also something which should be available for the protectors. As the National Police Federation 2017 said, ‘Protect the protectors’.

Risking their lives, officers go out day in day out talking to vulnerable people who want to cause harm to themselves, tackling knife-wielding robbers. They even put themselves in harms way by chasing those who try to get away from them, those drug dealers and burglars.

Take a moment to think about the career of an officer, what must that officer see which leaves an imprint in their mind. That little something which they think about when they go home, kiss their children goodnight and go to sleep.

There is support out there, we are a Police family.

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