United we stand

As a community. A police service. Police family. A thin blue line, and a nation. We stand together, united.

PC 4157U Keith Palmer was horrifically murdered on 22 March 2017 whilst he upheld values which are reflected in each duty carried out by each police officer. Tributes have been left for the officer, a family man, husband, father, ultimately, a human being. Less than 20 days later, people from across the Country will embark on London to show support and solidarity for a family member, friend and colleague part of the thin blue line.

Remembering those fallen colleagues.

These officers do an amazing job and hold a remarkable set of responsibilities:

  • Save lives
  • Protect the most vulnerable in society
  • Solve crime
  • Act courageously
  • Be the shoulder to cry on
  • The breaker of bad news

They shouldn’t, but these responsibilities have a caveat. Officers are:

  • Spat at
  • Assaulted
  • Shot at
  • Faced with the most serious and complexed cases
  • The one standing between a rowing couple

Sometimes, in the line of their duty… Killed.

They will stand together, shoulder to shoulder, next to colleagues they have never met, a family who will protect them regardless of background, race, gender, colour, caste or creed. A family who will protect one another to hold the thin blue line together. This is a very unique family, not your average household. But, this family, this thin blue line continues to get thinner and thinner. It continues to fade with the retirements, sackings, departures and losses.

I said this before, and I say it again, we police by consent, a nation of democracy. We owe our Police Officers an endless debt of gratitude. They’ve been policing the streets for hundreds of years, coming face to face with drug dealers, gang members, shop lifters, axe-wielding criminals and even terrorists.  When have you thanked a Police Officer? When have you seen the lengths they have gone to in order to chase down that burglar, to catch that shop lifter, that domestic violence perpetrator and that offender who has hurt you and your loved ones.

Police Officers do an extraordinary job, they are not thanked enough. Leaving their family behind to protect yours. Sacrificing their nights to protect yours. These are our Police Officers. Allowing their watch to come to an end so yours doesn’t.

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