Fallen Officer – 22/03/2017


He was just doing his job. Just doing his duty.

Nobody joins the police to get rich. Nobody joins to be famous. But this still remains a job like no other.

An officer today kissed his family goodbye, went to work, as did others around him. He put on his uniform to serve and protect the people of London. And he did exactly that.

An officer today went into briefing and drank a cup of tea, he put his lunch in his kit bag and shared jokes with his colleagues.

An officer today ran towards danger, whilst other ran away. He did all of this for the last time… Putting on the uniform, wearing the stab vest and helmet with a shiny pair of black boots, little did he think it would be his last shift, little did his family think they would not see him return home after work.

Officers put themselves in front of danger on a daily basis. Whilst carrying out his duty to serve the City, his duty to protect those around him and his duty to uphold core values, an officer today put himself in harms way and an officer today paid the ultimate price and was murdered in a horrific terrorist attack.

Might I suggest that, as a society, we need simply to be more grateful for officers out there. They are a remarkable bunch of human beings – brave, funny, loyal and honourable, hard-working Crown servants. Because Police Officers are heroes too, and we need to be a whole lot more proud of the remarkable men and women who stand on the thin blue line.

Today, death was a inseparable part of an officer’s life, his family will have to accept this condition. A cycle of life which we all have to go through, beginning the moment we are born; taking us through the different stages of life… Childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Today, an officer was forced to take his last breath of life.

From one officer to another, your duty is done, stand down. We will continue to protect the thin blue line.

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