Remembering the Fallen

As the saying goes, the thin blue line continues to get thinner. On such a sensitive occasion, fallen officers are remembered for the sacrifices they have made during the annual National Police Memorial Day.

Police Officers say they goodbye’s to their partners, kiss their children on their foreheads and say ‘see you later’ to their family. Who knows what is going to happen over the course of a shift? They can’t always expect the unexpected, but they stand beside each other by backing each other up at jobs, taking into consideration single crewed officers or hostile situations where assistance may be required.

The next call comes over the radio, the controller dispatches an officer. It could be a domestic, an RTC or something as trivial as a civil matter. No officer thinks about not returning home to their family, no officer thinks about having to inform their colleagues family that they have died in the course of their duty. On average, one officer per month is lost – that is one too many. Their ultimate sacrifice is worthy of recognition with a dignified service of remembrance.

Hang up your uniform officer, you have paid the ultimate sacrifice for your Country, your people… Your colleagues.

Officers, you must stand together and carry on.
In memory of all the fallen officers… Lest We Forget

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