Recognition and Reward

Police Officers don’t join the job to get recognition and reward. Police Officers do what they do because they want to do good (a majority of them anyway). They don’t do they job they do because they earn good money, or a great pension anymore. They risk their lives on duty to keep others safe and work long hours away from their families so others can sleep at night.

Recognition is a must in the public sector to keep people motivated during these tough times. It inspires others to do good and shows the public the fantastic work individuals do on a daily basis without any expectation of anything in return.

So what is Recognition and reward? Recognition is appreciating what one has done, and is often unconditional. It is emotional and focuses on behaviour. Recognition is personal and flowing. On the other hand, although there are many debates about targets within the Police service and other organisation. The challenge is whether rewards often exist, this is where there is an expectation for an accomplishment – “If you do X then you will get Y”, it is often tangible and is simply consumed by being tangible.

I was recently recognised for something I did, on two separate occasions. Some of my colleagues were also recognised for heroic actions. I continued to stand my ground and say that I only did what anyone else would have done at the time. But the question is, should I be recognised for what I did? It was selfless, I would have done the same whether someone was watching or not. Many would say yes, I should receive recognition. However, if those many were in the same position, would they have an expectation of recognition.

Maybe that is where the selflessness lies, on an expectation. Being selfless in what one does can take them far. Whether someone is watching or not, their actions are impactive. Doing something that friends and family would be proud of means a lot. One would hope that those in such prominent positions in society lead by example, which many often do.

Does it deserve reward or recognition? Food for thought.

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