Act of Kindness

Police Officers across the Country put their lives at risk. They work stressful hours, unsociable shift so members of the public can sleep at night, so members of the public can spend time with their families and so they can remain safe, whilst the officers can’t.

I see this role as one of the most selfless ‘jobs’ in society, other professionals also included; Doctors, Paramedics, Firefighters… In fact, emergency services overall. These individuals put the public first and risk their own lives for others in order to protect someone else’s life; this is someone they have never met before, maybe someone they may never meet again.

An act of kindness can go a long way, have you ever thought of just thanking someone for the services they provide to the community? How often do you value and appreciate your life where other people of emergency services and various agencies will put your life before theirs?

I have recently been reading about people doing acts of kindness for the emergency services to appreciate their services and show gratitude. It takes very little time and effort but can go a long way, to show someone that you value their role in society can push them even further, it is like that sinking of the heart feeling, or that something stuck in your throat type feeling.

We often hear about stories where Police Officers carry out acts of kindness, which shows how caring humans can be, in fact, it is a reminder that they are after all, humans. They carry no super powers, they are no where extra special to another other individual, all they do is wear a uniform. They have a duty and they fulfill that duty. In fact, they go above and beyond their normal duties to protect people so you can sleep at night.

Next time you see someone going above and beyond, do something amazing. Put a smile on their face and show them that their work is appreciated. 

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