You Know You Are


Every now and then, I stop to listen to what’s being said about policing in this country.

And, every now and then, it can start to sound a little like a variation on that tired old football chant:

‘You’re sh*t and you know you are…’

For some, it’s an accusation; for others a product of experience; for still others it’s a taunt.

In some instances, it’s just a lazy repetition of the noise of the crowd.

And the story becomes:

• The police are inept
• The police are racist
• The police are corrupt
• The police are untrustworthy

Well, sometimes we are – and some of us can be. Some of our failings have been catastrophic – and some of the consequences unthinkable.

Sometimes it’s an individual officer at fault; sometimes it’s the whole institution. And, either way, the responsibility for putting things right is ours and ours…

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