Assault Police

I came across a video on social media recently where an officer in the course of conducting his duties is assaulted by a person who observes the officer arresting a male. The original male makes a getaway whilst the second male who assaults the police officer for no apparent reason (other then to allow the first male to get away) gets arrested.

This reminded me of the few occasions where I have been assaulted in the course of my duties, including when I was a Special Constable. Obviously, it wasn’t stuck on to my forehead that I was a volunteer conducting the same role as a full-time Police Officer but just not getting paid. However, I cannot image the incidents changing just because someone would know I am a volunteer.

When my colleagues and I came across an incident in the street one New Years eve, we established it to be a domestic, the female party wanted to go home so we thought we would do the kind thing of giving her a lift. This then turned into a small disorder when she and her partner turned against my colleagues and I. The same female who wanted our help decided to assault us… Kicking, punching and resisting arrest.

Earlier on that same night, New Years eve, we attended a report of child neglect, a female was highly intoxicated in control of her two-year old child. During that incident, my colleague and I were assaulted again, looking back now I find this funny… She threw a glass of milk over us! That glass of milk could have helped her sober up, or maybe she saw the glass half empty. Joking aside, once again, we were conducting our duties and in fact trying to help a two-year old child due to the risk the mother was posing and again, we were assaulted.

It is sad to hear such cases go through the judicial system when offenders get off with an easy sentence. In fact, it was only in 2013 that the Home Secretary, Theresa May said criminals who kill police officers in England and Wales will face compulsory whole life sentences. It surprises me that this tougher sentencing comes in the 21st Century.

When an officer of the law is executing their duties, to serve and protect the public and upholding core values, it amazes me to see how those around just observe, start filming or worst of all, start assaulting the officer. It is the same issues which paramedics and NHS staff face, for them it is probably much tougher without any personal protective equipment (PPE) and training. Yet we will still help these people without hesitation.

Must I say, the times I have been assaulted, the cases were dropped. No further action (NFA).

This shocking and sickening bodycam footage shows the moment a Police Sergeant is assaulted by a male who has been arrested (feature image):

The intent to cause harm can be seen by the clenching teeth, focused eyes, swing which the male takes and injuries caused. The footage, which isn’t the full clip, shows the courage and strong willpower which the officer has who was very fortunate to come back to work and make a full recovery.

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