You Know You Are

Originally posted on policecommander:
Every now and then, I stop to listen to what’s being said about policing in this country. And, every now and then, it can start to sound a little like a variation on that tired old football chant: ‘You’re sh*t and you know you are…’ For some, it’s an accusation; for…

Assault Police

I came across a video on social media recently where an officer in the course of conducting his duties is assaulted by a person who observes the officer arresting a male. The original male makes a getaway whilst the second male who assaults the police officer for no apparent reason (other then to allow the […]

You’re never off duty

I was reflecting over a recent incident which I dealt with off duty. But then another sprung to mind. I have been involved with a series of incidents off duty, I don’t know whether it is just sheer luck, whether I am at the right (or wrong) place at the right time or whether I […]

The start of the beginning…

As the thin blue line gets thinner, I join a police service at a time of austerity set with cut-backs and difficult times ahead. I, like others around me have a lot to say about how the cuts are affecting policing in England and Wales as well as other public sector jobs. However, we must […]