I like the idea of having experiences written down to look back at, or to share with others… Memories are priceless.

I take a huge interest in policing… It is where I have developed myself as an individual, grown as a person and a field which my life evolves around. I am a former Special Constable and former call handler, and now a Police Constable, something which has changed my life completely.

It is hard to share emotions, when I see the thin blue line getting thinner… Colleagues dying, cuts to the public sector, threats towards officers, barbaric acts which are shown in the media and even the media’s portrayal of the police service.

The police service is made up of human beings, just like yourself. Most work towards the common goal to help others in society.

I am more than just a uniform, I am more than just a number. This is the story of a cops life…


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